Time to Stand

I was watching the news this morning and saw a report on a school in California where there are no chairs for the students. Apparently the next best thing is to have children stand throughout the day in the same way some offices are using desks that have no chairs. A child said, “sitting is the new smoking,” which I thought was quite clever.

I do wonder about the trend to stand throughout the day. I remember reports years ago about the health problems of people who worked on their feet all day. If my memory is correct, it had something to do with the feet or the lower back. I know that I have trouble when standing all day, yet I agree that sitting all day is not good either.

I think it might be beneficial in the classroom as little ones tend to get antsy and can’t sit still for long periods of time. Still, I wonder if they will use this standing as a replacement for recess and play time. I guess only time will tell.

Anyway, I have often found that the critters in my yard tend to hear everything that is on the television in my house. I walked out to the garden and found the fairy chair time had been disturbed.

Did the fairies decide they would give standing a try?

fairy chairs upended

fairy chairs upended

The one chair looks very similar to the chairs put up at the end of a school day.

I assure you I had nothing to do with the placement of the chair!


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7 comments on “Time to Stand
  1. Anxious Mom says:

    That’s interesting, although I hope standing all day means moving around, doing hands on work, and not standing there filling out worksheet after worksheet.

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  2. Dan Antion says:

    I try not to sit for too long at any one stretch, but I think I still want to have a chair.

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  3. SD Gates says:

    I think they should get the kids treadmill desks, then they can be on the move all day, but filling their little worksheets out. I don’t know about this standing thing, sounds like an excuse to save money on chairs. Is the teacher going to stand too?

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