Shooting Star

I just saw a shooting star.  My first thought – make a wish.
I made a wish. I suspect you might guess what it was.
My next thought? What if I died right now?
Yes, it makes sense.  A shooting star means death to that star.
So, what if I died right now, would it matter?
I thought it would. Some people would feel the loss.
But, as I thought about it,  I realized those same people would be able to move beyond the loss of me in their lives.  They would be able to find happiness.  They would know I am still with them in their memories. They will be able to suceed in their lives.
Why? Because I made a difference. I taught them to believe.
I just saw a shooting star. The star is no longer existing, but I am still here to make a difference.
Celebrate your existence.  Live not to make others dependant on you but to help them appreciate your influence on their independence.
I saw a shooting star. I am telling you about it.  So in a way, you experienced the shooting star.
Make a wish and believe!


I love gardening and magical beings. My profile is a garden ready to be created,

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