The Beautiful Crazy World of Dreams

I had an awesome dream last night. No, I am not talking about the one that first got me to come out of my slumber, the dream that called for analysis and left me only half-asleep for the dream I really liked.

In the first dream, the proof that a mind can be a disturbing place, I was with someone else. It was dark and that other person was in shadows to my left, so I do not really know who it was. I do know I was not alone.

We were standing on the edge of a little wooden bridge and looking over the railing. On the ground under the bridge was a dog. It was NOT my beast – that must be clarified – it was not MY beast. It was a dog that had similar attributes but it was NOT MY BEAST!

The dog turned her head towards us and we saw something moving on her side. As we watched, the dog came into focus and we realized they were mice. Mice were sucking the dog. The dog was feeding the mice. At first, I thought the mice were eating the dog but I prefer to think they were not causing any harm.

Still, GROSS! As we watched, the mice got larger and multiplied. They were fuzzy with black, white and grey curly hair, and they started to get really big because they were eating and then they flattened out. Guess what I did next.

I woke up, of course. I really did not want to keep watching that scene. Now, in my somewhat awake state, somewhat sleeping, I tried to analyze my dream. Had I watched anything with blood sucking beasts? Well, yeah I watched Fear the Walking Dead, but that was almost a week ago. Did I see mice any time recently? No, and I am certain there was no mouse crawling on me as I slept.

Once, when I was in high school and living in the tropics (well not really, but let us pretend), I dreamed palmetto bug was crawling up my body. When I woke, I realized there really was a palmetto bug on me. Okay, have you ever seen a palmetto bug? Those things are huge and gross and they have those antennas that really look like they can probe the inner recesses of your brain.

Later, when I was transported to Maryland, I was standing barefoot in the kitchen and I saw a movement in the corner of my eye. Immediately turned around and stomped on what I thought was a palmetto bug. I do not know what I was thinking because I was barefoot but I had learned a long time ago to show those brain-probing bugs who really walked this earth as the superior being.

It was not a palmetto bug. It was a tiny mouse. Guess what I did. I screamed, I cried, I called my daddy to come get it out of the house. Yes, I was an adult and had stopped calling him Daddy a long time prior to this event, but I clearly called out, “DADDY!” I probably washed my foot, I would hope I did, but that is not what I remember. I remember calling to my father to get rid of the squished mouse even though I had been the triumphant killer in the scene.

Well, I digress. I found no explanation for these mice eating a dog dream and I decided to let it go as just my imagination going wild. I relaxed so I could fall back to sleep.

That is when I had the awesome dream. Do you remember that I started this post with the words, “I had an awesome dream last night”?

I was in that half-awake state where I am often tempted to think it is really my mind in control, I am simply daydreaming, and the sequence of events is completely in my control. Yeah, that is what I like to think when I am trying to be logical and practical and not at all believing in anything spiritual or mystical. Most of the time, I think this half-awake state is the best time for spirits (or my own higher-self) to get messages through to me. They do it in a way that is sometimes confusing and ignored – as in, if that mouse thing meant something the spirits have to try harder next time because I am having nothing to do with it. Usually they show images or a story that makes me think oh yeah, I get it.

Usually I get these messages after I have asked a question before going to sleep. Other times I have these messages when I have been struggling to find a solution to a problem in my life and I feel I might go crazy with the stress.

Oh, I hear you; you are thinking, “Manee, I think you have already found yourself in the Land of Crazy!” Anyway, in this dream I saw big puzzle pieces moving around the world in front of my eyes. Several large colorful puzzle pieces were floating in midair. Each contained different images – pink flamingos, green and yellow plants, earth tones of gnomes and other images. They were moving around and fitting into place together like a big puzzle.

My analytical mind realized that I had seen a picture of a wooden puzzle playset for miniature dolls on a Facebook post yesterday.

Then the image changed. Instead of being puzzle pieces, they were documents and pictures that moved around similar to the feature of Windows where several documents are open at once on the computer screen and you can see them all at the same time and drag them in different locations using a mouse. (Hmm, a mouse, that makes me wonder!)

Now, I realized the significance of this dream. I had been wondering where my focus should go in my creation of myself and I now knew. I had a clear image of the inner workings of my website. I am going to spend today changing the format.

Now, if you are still reading this post you simply must (okay, I hope you will) come back to my site later in the day. On the top of my home page are several words to click (I would call them icons, but I do not think that is accurate, links would probably be more accurate) and I am going to have one titled “These Fair Woods.” This link will have subpages for all the creatures and activities taking place in These Fair Woods.

I am very excited to have a clear vision of what I am going to do. I hope you enjoy visiting These Fair Woods. I also hope you have learned something about analyzing your own dreams.


I love gardening and magical beings. My profile is a garden ready to be created,

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2 comments on “The Beautiful Crazy World of Dreams
  1. joey says:

    I work out a lot of problems in my dreams. Get answers and solutions. Of course, most of the time, I have nightmares, but there are good benefits to being a heavy dreamer.
    The other night I had the BEST dream. Oh my word, I smiled my way through Tuesday, I did! lol In my dream I had been speaking my mind about a certain situation, and I realized, when I awoke, the only reason I hadn’t been doing that in waking life was ‘for the sake of the children.’ In my dream I said exactly what I meant and I felt so empowered by it. I really will speak my mind next time. The children will be okay. Haha!

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