In Case You Are Not Aware

Did you know the Pope is visiting the United States?

You may not be aware of this fact if you

a) don’t live in the United States

b) don’t watch television

c) are not on the East Coast

d) have your head in the sand

The Pope is visiting and right now he is in Washington, D.C. Soon he will be in Baltimore and will travel to Philadelphia.

Very exciting, right? Well, possibly not if you are not going to see him and you live and work in any of those areas. It is a navigational nightmare for many people. Still, the Pope is in the United States and I think that is exciting.

Now, I am surprised that there are congressmen and people who have aspirations to be President who are complaining because the Pope is talking about climate change. The Pope said something along the lines of he is glad we are being careful about pollution and we should take care of the world. Some man, I don’t remember his name because he is not worth remembering, said he is boycotting the Pope’s address to Congress today because he does not believe in climate change and he thinks the Pope should not talk about unfounded science, instead he should be talking about religion. More specifically the religious teachings this man approves of.

Okay, that’s all fine that this man does not want to be blessed to be in the presence of the Pope. I’m sure he will not be missed. However, I don’t pretend to know much about the Bible, but I know we are supposed to be stewards of this Earth we were given as our home. Didn’t the Bible say something about how God gave us animals to care for? Weren’t we supposed to take care of each other?

I can understand this man thinking climate change is not real. That’s fine, but don’t deny that we need to stop polluting the waters and land and air. This is where we live and breathe and if we are not careful we won’t be able to breathe.

I just think it is very interesting that the same politicians who are striving to make the world more ‘Christian’ by saying we can’t have women’s health care or gay marriage or scientific research that goes against their own beliefs would turn around and protest the Pope. THE POPE! Who is a better symbol of God than the Pope?

Oh, wait, they don’t want God in our country, they want THEIR GOD and THEIR BELIEFS and this is why our founding fathers wanted separation of church and state. This is why – to keep people from making laws that restrict others based on the religious beliefs of one or two people in power.

I think it is terribly frightening to have people saying we can’t have a Muslim in the White House because they are afraid of the rules and restrictions that would be passed onto our citizens when the policies these people want to enforce are basically the same they are fearing.

So, the Pope is in the United States and he is reaching out to the masses. He will also be passing my house (well, close enough anyway) on his way to Philadelphia. I hope he says a prayer as he passes. I hope he spreads peace all around me and my community.

My flamingos are standing at attention ready to fly off in the hopes of catching a glimpse of him. I wonder if he will stroke their feathers and bless us all.


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7 comments on “In Case You Are Not Aware
  1. Dan Antion says:

    When you decide to boycott another point of view because it doesn’t align with your personal beliefs, you are NOT representing the people who elected you. Consider everything and THEN make your decision on what to believe.

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  2. joey says:

    God is just the scapegoat for a lot of these people. They want their own bigotry to rule, not Christ’s love. I’m not a Christian, but even I know that much.
    I think it’s rather exciting that the Pope came to America. I like him a lot.

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    • Agreed. I was so impressed with him though I never paid any attention to Popes in the past. I just loved how he said please pray for me, but if you don’t believe in prayer or know how, please send me well wishes – so nonjudgmental and humble.

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  3. Anxious Mom says:

    I’m not Catholic (heck, I don’t even go to church), but I was happy to hear the Pope is coming. He speaks a lot about things I feel strongly about. I think he promotes too much of Christ’s own teachings for the comfort of most Christians around here.

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