Saving Private Flamingos

The enemy approached. He pushed the weapon of mass destruction in front of him and he pushed the trigger. A loud noise erupted from the offending beast and broke the peaceful silence of These Fair Woods.  Blades of grass were strewn across the yard, the gardens, the pool and of course the driveway.

The flamingos were in a titter. Their legs were shaking. The enemy was getting closer and the flamingos were unable to escape. The enemy stopped his weapon of mass destruction and unceremoniously tossed each of the flamingos aside.

devastated flamingos displayed across the driveway

devastated flamingos displayed across the driveway

The poor flamingos were traumatized. The flamboyance residing in These Fair Woods are a well read flamboyance and they are also currently streaming old movies on their own frequencies. (Those metal legs come in handy for getting Wi-Fi!)

They knew they were scattered in the pathway meant for that large mass of metal with four bone crushing tires. The flamingos knew they were pretty much in the same state as the poor damsels in old movies tied to train tracks. Oh, where was the hero in this movie called life? They prayed for the sound of Mighty Mouse who would sing, “Here I come to save the day!” (If you don’t know the song, you are sadly not as old as I!).

Oh, but it will be alright, because one of the gnomes did release the flamingo feathers from the tethers. I suspect it was the moose gnome.wpid-20150829_155658.jpg He carried each to the soft grassy area and comforted them until they were able to find the strength to move on their own.

wpid-20150919_131534.jpgThe flamingos are now in the nicely mowed yard plotting their revenge. I hope he who mows the lawn is duly warned and prepared to sleep with one eye open. The weapon of mass destruction has been locked in solitary confinement.

It is possible that the flamingos are not plotting revenge. They might be simply trying to comfort each other. Maybe they are telling each other stories to take their minds off the stress. It is completely possible they are writing this event down so they can send it out to their director friends.

Ooo, silent movies about poor flamingos being saved by heroic gnomes from the north. I wonder….


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  2. Phil R says:

    I arrive from the future to say the link plays 🙂

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