Why I Think My Aura is Pink

I never really thought about the color of my aura beyond hoping it was a pleasant sight to those rare people who can see it. I have never been able to see auras though I have tried practicing with methods I read online.

I have been able to sense another’s aura when I am close to them, especially when they are really kind or angry people.

I started to think about auras and energy fields when I chose a book to read on my vacation.


Cover page of From Cornflakes to Eternity

Cover page of From Cornflakes to Eternity

This book involves the death three children, aged 4, 6, and 10. Of course that is a sad concept, so I warn all readers that it might make them cry. I think it is only fair to be clear about that.

I did not cry because I understood this is a ghost story. Someone must die in order to have a ghost after all.

I left my Kindle out on the table next to my chair. I knew it was perfectly safe there because it is next to the Angel Tree/Fairy Garden. I expected the fairies would protect my Kindle.

I did not expect them to magically transform the area so they would all be able to sit on their own individual leaves to read the book together.

wooden chair covered in plants.

Magic Transformation of Garden Chair

Kindle on Table

Kindle on Table



I know the fairies really liked the story. They told me they are all able to see the colors that surround everything. They said they have bright auras, and they were sorry I can’t see them.

I found they shared From Cornflakes to Eternity with the other fairies in the garden.


Fairy Chair Time is Perfect for Reading

Fairy Chair Time is Perfect for Reading

These fairies were surprised by the family dynamics portrayed in the story. Each of the three children came from completely different backgrounds, though they all lived in the same general area. Jose, the 4 year old, had lived among a large extended family. Allie, 6, had lived with her mother and her mother’s boyfriend. Vicky, the oldest in human years at 10, had lived with her mother.

The fairies had not realized that children did not all have the same experiences. It was really eye opening for them.

Now, you might know that my flamingos have been feeling a little neglected as I have been spending so much time writing my own book.  I wrote about their selection of a new master in my post Neglect.

They were lonely and bored and they were not going to miss out on whatever entertainment the fairies were enjoying.

I don’t know if the fairies shared first, or if the flamingos simply stole the book from the Angel Garden. All I know is the flamingos took the book.

In case you’re wondering about my thinking the Kindle was safe in my garden with the fairies protecting it, I was clearly mistaken. However, I know my pets would not harm my Kindle.






wpid-20150825_091905.jpgEven my poor flamingo without a mouth or eyes was able to enjoy the story because my Kindle has a read aloud feature.

Blind and Mute Flamingo

Blind and Mute Flamingo


Listening to From Cornflakes to Eternity


I thought the flamingos might have needed me to explain about auras. I thought they might need me to explain more about how people use money to meet their needs. I thought maybe they would want more information about what happens when people die.

They told me all of that was easy to understand because the book was so well written.

My poor flamingos did have some questions though.

They did not know anything about hospitals, surgery, pediatric wards, nurses stations, elevators, or construction hats. I had to explain these concepts, but fortunately my Kindle has Internet access!

The flamingos loved the thought that the little children would be able to go to a happy place, a really nice place, when they left the hospital. The flamingos were all fluttering about and describing what would be in their really happy place – shrimp to make them pink, water for swimming, green grass, and lots of flowers.

Word spread throughout the property and soon other inhabitants were eagerly reading the book.

The Gnomes Making Plans

The Gnomes Making Plans


The trio of gnomes were really involved readers. They had devious ideas on how they could give the two main villains exactly what the gnomes thought was deserved. It was really quite eye-opening, I hope to stay on their list of people they like!

Fortunately the gnomes were satisfied with what did happen at the end.

They did wonder a bit about the concept of Karma. I had to explain that Karma was not a person. (You will understand this when you read the book, the gnomes and  I really liked that part of the story.)


This gnome is dreaming of his happy place.

This gnome is dreaming of his happy place.

No need for water when there is a book to read.

No need for water when there is a book to read.


Even the turtle was willing to come out of his shell, though he did want a blanket of greenery.

Even the turtle was willing to come out of his shell, though he did want a blanket of greenery.



The bunny and the lady bug could not contain their joy. Imagine, an entire field full of tasty leaves!

The bunny and the lady bug could not contain their joy. Imagine, an entire field full of tasty leaves!


I know it is a little strange for all these creatures to be reading a book about the adventures of three ghosts in a hospital.

It was just such a great book. My friends – the fairies, flamingos, gnomes, turtles, bunnies, and lady bugs, – all highly recommend you read it.

They are also keeping a lookout for the Lady in Red. While I thought she was a wonderful character, I hope she does not appear any time soon.

Now, about my title…. The characters in this book learn a lot about auras. To quote Allie, “dark sucks, light is right”. People with dark auras are angry and mean and suck all the energy from those around them. Nice, gentle and warm people have pastel colors (at least according to the book). Now, my favorite color is the color of my wonderful flamingos. It also happens to be a bright, cheerful color. I think that fits my cheerful disposition. Therefore …. I think my aura is pink!


From Cornflakes to Eternity, by S. D. Gates is available on Amazon if you are interested in reading it.

































I am a dreamer who loves to explore the world through words. I hope to inspire others to live in peace and be their best selves. I also have an affinity for flamingos, gnomes, and all things magical. They live happily in my gardens.

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8 comments on “Why I Think My Aura is Pink
  1. SD Gates says:

    Manee, I absolutely love this!!!!! How funny. I am glad the fairies and the gnomes and the flamingos and of course the turtle and the rabbit had a chance to read my book, and more importantly they enjoyed it. I think you have a beautiful pink aura that sparkles. Thank=you so much for sharing this book with your garden friends!!!!!! I wish I knew how to reblog this. If I figure it out, do you mind if I do reblog it? This is so stinking cool!!!!!! Thank-you again!!!! I can’t tell if I thanked you because they redid the comment section and now it is so tiny and narrow.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I would be proud to be reblogged. I did not notice the comment section changing. .. I HATE change! As far as “how” to reblog? Have I mentioned time difference? I can’t remember, but I know you can write a post and mention my post, then highlight the mention, and click the link button (chain above your typing screen) then put the url in (copy what is on www. Thingy when you’re on my page and paste to url question ) and viewers can click it to read the post. I have been able to reblog others but I don’t know if my theme is reblog friendly. You can share it on Facebook and Twitter by clicking those buttons at the end of the post. My garden friends loved your book! They have told me they like this reading thing I do.

      Liked by 1 person

      • SD Gates says:

        So I think I did it. It turns out I can share it on WordPress, but don’t have the capability to reblog, but I can “Press” it which seems to have reposted on my blog – I hope that is ok. I think I did it right. I am kind of having a little panic attack because I feel like am plagiarizing your post (nightmares about potentially plagiarizing in Grad school are rearing their ugly heads). I think I will now try to put it on Twitter. See how I go with that. Tell the flamingos and the fairies and the gnomes thank-you for me. I am glad they like this reading thing. I bet they are excited about reading your book too!!!!!!

        Liked by 1 person

      • It is not plagiarizing when you ask first. I also have a share button so I expect (hope ) people will share.

        Liked by 1 person

      • SD Gates says:

        True – it’s ingrained. Can’t help it!!!

        Liked by 1 person

  2. […] Source: Why I Think My Aura is Pink […]

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  3. Solveig says:

    Oh what a lovely review!
    If I wouldn’t have read it yet, then I would go pick up a copy now. Great, fun review!

    Liked by 2 people

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