No, I have not only been neglecting my blog. It has been brought to my attention that I have been neglecting my poor flamingos as well.

I thought my flamingos were independent. I thought they would be able to function as a flamboyance. I thought that, with fifty of them in total, they would be able to take care of each other.

Apparently I was mistaken.

Some of them have gotten into trouble on their own… I just don’t know what they were thinking.

flamingo hanging on a downspout

Flamingo hanging on the downspout


At least I know they do come to investigate each other’s shenanigans.

flamingo in gutter

Hey, what ‘cha doing?


Over the summer I have been trying to complete a book I started writing seven years ago. I have been really working diligently to finish it before the summer was over.

I also enrolled in on-line courses for Grammar and WordPress so I could better my communication skills. Both courses have been somewhat time consuming.

Just last week I enrolled in an E-book Publishing Course.

I am sure my humans understand my letting things go by the wayside. I know this because I don’t remember cooking many meals and I have certainly not gone without eating. No human or four legged beast has gone unattended. Mostly because the humans can take care of themselves, and  the beast is quite insistent on being walked and fed.

My flamingos are not humans or beasts. They apparently cannot keep themselves out of trouble. They are not loud, or under foot, or in need of walks. They have been neglected.

My human partner interrupted my writing to inform me that when the mint was cut back from the walkway (yes, my mint had been neglected as well) there were several flamingos found missing legs and beaks.

I said one was already missing a beak when we adopted it, but we love our pets unconditionally.

I was informed that the flamingos were in the process of forming a mass exodus.


Mass flamingo exodus

Apparently the flamingos have found a new master. They now help my human partner with the pool duties.


I think they enjoy this work. It has its rewards.


Now, I would never have let them in the pool. I would have thought the pool master would have complained. Apparently I was wrong.

I have also lost the loyalty of my flamingos. They answer to a new master.

Oh well, at least I can proudly say I have written the last sentence of my book after only seven years.

Now I get to macro-edit, micro-edit, and copy edit. I just learned those words in my new course!


I love gardening and magical beings. My profile is a garden ready to be created,

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6 comments on “Neglect
  1. I want to swim with the flamingos!

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  2. SD Gates says:

    The flamingos look really good in the pool!!!!! Yay!!! You finished your book. Congratulations!!!!!

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  3. Anxious Mom says:

    Congrats on finishing your book!!!

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  4. […] Now, you might know that my flamingos have been feeling a little neglected as I have been spending so much time writing my own book.  I wrote about their selection of a new master in my post Neglect. […]


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