Some Days Are Made for Mind Trips

One of the characters in my book spends a considerable amount of time on what I think of as a mind trip. She is not able to respond to anything that is happening around her as if she is somewhere far away. In the book she is really fine though she has moments when she realizes she out of it and worries about what is wrong.

I would not mind spending some time on a mind trip. I think it would be just fine to sit in my home while imagining I am in the ocean. Maybe it would be the safest way to go in the ocean. In my mind there would be no sharks. There would also be no kids on boogie boards threatening to ride into me. I could enjoy the splashing waves and the warm sun without ever worrying about sun burn or skin cancer.

I might even take a trip to the Colosseum and watch some epic battle play out between man and beast. I could eat fantastic Italian food and drink the world’s best wine and never have to worry about gaining weight or having a hangover. It doesn’t matter that I have no real life experience in Italy for my imagination. No, I don’t know what the best food tastes like or what the crowds sound like, but in my mind it would be just right and I would savor the experience.

What if I went to another galaxy and spent a few hours going to a tourist attraction being guided by human sized flamingos? Now that would be quite the experience. I would probably be the only person I know who would be willing to take that trip. That’s okay, I like being by myself and I would have flamingos to keep me company.

Don’t worry, I would come back unharmed. I would not stay within my mind trip. As soon as my phone rang or someone walked into the room, I would be able to come right back to reality. I am not afraid of my mind because I know I am in control of it. At least I think I am.

Anyway, I am working on a part of my book where the character is not present even though her body is. This morning I pondered the reality of someone just checking out as quickly as the character does. I was concerned it would not seem real.

Of course I know I am writing a fantasy story. It is fiction after all so not everything has to be absolutely realistic. Still, I need it to be believable.

Then I thought of all the angles to the story. Yes, she is going on her mind trip and I don’t know, nor will the reader, where she is traveling. It doesn’t really matter what adventures she has. I will allow her to have her privacy while mind traveling. I will not allow any paparazzi around her. Some things should be private.

Seriously, some mind trips should be private. I would hate to think that people would know just what I do on my mind trips.

Where would you go?


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5 comments on “Some Days Are Made for Mind Trips
  1. joey says:

    I take mind trips fairly often. Dreams, daydreams, meditation wanderings — I suppose I’m most fond of the woods 🙂

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  2. Anxious Mom says:

    I think I’d go to your ocean. No sharks, no skin cancer–I’m in!

    Liked by 1 person

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