Is It Really What It Is?

The Friday Reminder and Prompt for SoCS July 4/15

Is it really what it is? I challenge you to ask yourself that.

You see, one of my favorite humans  often uses that phrase. He simply says, “It is what it is” as if that is the definitive ending  to his argument. As if by saying this I must agree to his point of view. There is no justifiable alternative viewpoint. It simply is what it is.

However, I being one of those people who often sees both sides of an argument, do not agree that everything is what people say it is. For example, because I don’t want to use real life situations and have people disagree with me, I will make up an argument.

Jane thinks that she has the right to a piece of land because she has always used it for her flower garden. Mike wants to use it for his vegetable garden. The land is technically public domain and anyone in the neighborhood is allowed to use it for gardening.

The thing is, Jane believes she has an exclusive right to use it because she has always (well at least in her mind) used it for her flowers. Mike thinks he should be able to use it because he has a more worthy purpose for it. You see, he thinks that because vegetables are food and he would be willing to share the produce, he is more deserving. Yet neither of them really have more of a right than the other and both have excellent points.

Anyway, this may not be coming across the way I intend it, but both are right and both are wrong. I could say it is what it is and leave them to battle it out. Or I could say let’s make a compromise and plant both flowers and vegetables. That probably won’t be happy with that idea, but they might agree to it.

Now, I’m really thinking about the Gaza Strip and to whom it rightfully belongs, but again I have no idea. I don’t know anyone who lives there and I don’t have any vested interest in any of the individuals but I bet if I met each of the people who lives there I would be able to understand their points of view. I just am that type  of person. I don’t know why, and I don’t know if it is a blessing or a curse. I guess I could simply say it is what it is.

Still, having no way to influence anything that happens in the Gaza Strip I will  continue my stream of consciousness challenge a little closer to home.

Say something in my home is not working the way I think it should I could say it is what it is and learn to live with it or I could stop and evaluate what is wrong with  it. I could try to fix it or I could try to replace it. That would be relatively straight forward if it were a window or an appliance or the way my closet is organized.

Now if someone in my life is acting like a jerk, yes a few people I know can act like jerks from time to time, I could simply accept this is their behavior and say it is what it is. I could walk away from the  person and wait until the day they decide to stop acting like a jerk. I might never see them again, but we all know that is fine because it is what it is.

Somehow I don’t like walking away from people. I like to look at their behavior from their viewpoint. Sometimes if I just think about why they are doing what they are doing it becomes clear to me and I stop thinking they are being a jerk. I can’t think of an example right now, but I know that there have been many times when I have listened to people complain about each other and when I point out the possible reasons someone does something because I can see their point of view, the other person is able to understand and then it doesn’t bother them anymore. Often, they say, Oh, that makes sense. I will remember that the next time we see each other.

I really wish this weren’t stream of consciousness because I don’t know if it makes sense and I am not allowed to edit.

Okay, one time when saying it is what it is would be helpful would be when dealing with something you can’t change. For instance, I can’t change the conflict in the Gaza Strip. I could spend endless hours stressing about it or I could simply say it is what it is and go on with my life. This is what I do, though I pray for peace and really hope someone is able to solve that conflict.

Now when I encounter something that is not making me happy, such as an argument among my humans, or an area in my garden that is not doing well, I could simply say it is what it is and ignore it. I won’t though because I know I have the power to change what it is and make it better.

I challenge you to think about when it is best to just leave things as they are and when it is best to intervene.

Don’t just let the world and all its inhabitants be considered to be what they are. Don’t just say it is what it is.

Instead, be a part of the metamorphosis!

Note, today’s stream of consciousness prompt was “Is” with an added challenge to end with “metamorphosis”. Please visit Linda Hill’s website and read other takes on the challenge.


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