When pictures were transferred into the new computer, I felt fortunate to have a new program designed to help sort out the pictures.

There were over 3,000 pictures. Some of them have been deleted because it was difficult to see what was in the picture. Many of them are being put in the misc. folder because I just can’t decide what to label them, but I am sure I will find a purpose for them.

Some of them, like the one in this post, just make me shake my head and ask, “why”? Why did I feel it necessary to take a picture of my mini food processor? I understand why the pictures of the knife set and dehydrator were taken. I had sent those pictures to people asking if they wanted them. I deleted the pictures because they have been given away and don’t need to be thought about anymore.

Still, I have no plans to ever get rid of that mini food processor. I love it. I just don’t know why I have the picture.

It reminds me of the huge assortment of things I have in my home that serve no purpose. I need to start getting rid of them. I need to focus on keeping just that which I love, like my mini food processor. I need to do that.

I think I’ll start tomorrow.

Have you ever noticed that tomorrow never comes? 🙂


I am a dreamer who loves to explore the world through words. I hope to inspire others to live in peace and be their best selves. I also have an affinity for flamingos, gnomes, and all things magical. They live happily in my gardens.

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10 comments on “Why?
  1. Josh Wrenn says:

    Maybe you took a picture in case you ever needed to buy replacement parts?

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  2. Fairy Queen says:

    Lol, I hate to admit this but I horde clothes, shoes, and handbags. I hate getting rid of a dress or pair of shoes I haven’t worn in months on the chance I might want to wear it! I do it to myself though because I go through times of purging EVERYTHING then I regret it! And there goes the viscous circle!

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  3. Anxious Mom says:

    This so cracked me up. Maybe you didn’t want the food processor to feel left out? Or MAYBE you didn’t take it and the little food processor that could took a selfie while you were asleep 😉

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  4. I can’t imagine.
    I miss my mini processor. I loved mine, and when I sent my husband out to replace it when it broke, he upgraded me to some fancy pants hi-tech giant thing. I don’t even know how to use all the features.
    But shh, if he asks you, I totally love it, it was a sweet gesture.

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