No Fair Weather Helpers

Back by popular demand….

Well it depends on your definition of popular demand. SD Gates asked me if the flamingos were still helping me move rock and I responded that they were behaving themselves in the rain. SD then insinuated that the flamingos were fair weather helpers.

This made me think. Maybe my flamingos weren’t really just staying away from the work site because they were allowing me to progress in the rain. Maybe they were fair weather helpers. Hmm, I thought, we should check on the matter.

I found a few of my flamboyance. You know what they were doing? Nothing!

flamingo wagon2

They were just leaning on the side of the pool and each other.

Well I looked at them, and used my condescending voice. “You know, SD says you’re all just a bunch of fair weather helpers. I wonder, are you really just a bunch of feathered fools who can’t do anything if your feathers get wet?”

Yep, that got their attention.flamingo wagon

One jumped right into the wagon!

Then another joined the first. He was so excited because for some reason he thought he could move the wagon.

flamingo wagon3

He had a little trouble. Seems all he could see was rock. Needed a little help to see the path before him.

A fine lady came to help lift her friend

flamingo wagon5

flamingo wagon6

Things started to look a little brighter for my helpers. They were able to work together to get the wagon around the house.

flamingo wagon7

The two who were moving the wagon flew away. They were happy to have helped, but they saw no need to stick around.

I warned the flamingo in the wagon. Really I did. I don’t think he is all that bright, well, other than his coloring.

flamingo wagon8 (2) “Oh, Woe is me,” he cried as he slid with the rock.

“I warned you,” I said, shaking my head.

“No worries.” He shook his feathers and regained his perch.

flamingo wagon9

He was proud as a peacock when he saw the pile outside the wagon.

flamingo wagon10

“I can help you hoe the gravel.” He said eagerly. “Please let me help!”

Oh, my sweet little flamingo. He really is a fine feathered helper!

flamingo wagon12flamingo wagon11


I am a dreamer who loves to explore the world through words. I hope to inspire others to live in peace and be their best selves. I also have an affinity for flamingos, gnomes, and all things magical. They live happily in my gardens.

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3 comments on “No Fair Weather Helpers
  1. SD Gates says:

    Ha-ha-ha!!!!!!!!Wow, it’s great that you called them on their lackadaisical attitudes towards gravel moving. I am glad to see they have pitched into help. Great post!! Love the wheelbarrow. Wish I had a wheelbarrow….and some motivated flamingos to help do some gardening around here!!!!!

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  2. I would send some your way, I’m just not sure they’d make it across the continent. They seem a little “flighty”.


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