Some Gnomes Don’t Gnow Everything

I was watching a television report last night. and I thought it was a good idea to drill for water. Then I saw the pictures from space. I began to question what is being done.

I remember hearing, or reading, something about ancient civilizations who had completed remarkable engineering to control water distribution. They are ancient civilizations because they depleted the water. At least that is what I remember about what I had heard/read.

There are many articles complaining about what was not said during Lesley Stahl’s report. I won’t list them, we all have search engines.

I guess my gnomes have really good hearing. He must have heard that we need to find new places to drill for water.

Surely that is why he moved from the pretty garden.

drilling for water

Oh, my dear sweet gnome, the flamingos’ silliness must be contagious. I love that you are searching for water. I just question the logic of doing so above the septic tank!

Fortunately we had rain last night.


I love gardening and magical beings. My profile is a garden ready to be created,

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