Because Sometimes it Rains (warning, I curse in this)

Have you ever been up Shit Creek without a paddle? I don’t know if there really is a place that has a creek named Shit Creek. I think it would be pretty funny if they did. I don’t think I would dare go near it. It probably stinks. A. Lot.

Anyway, the expression does conjure a clear picture. It lets us know that things are really bad and there is no way to get out of it without getting a little dirty. Or maybe a lot dirty. I mean, really what would you do if you were in such a creek, just sitting there waiting for the tide or the current to carry you to sure?

Think about it. If you are like me, and you have a septic tank that you have watched the guy you paid dearly empty, you have a pretty good picture of what Shit Creek would look like. It is thick, it smells, and sometimes you see money in it, but for a dollar you gladly say goodbye.

I have seen a dollar in the septic tank. Things happen. But the septic man and I both agreed that we would only think twice about it if it were a hundred dollar bill. Since those never come in my home, it’s safe to say I will never reach in my septic tank.

So, you are in a creek and it looks like the inside of a septic tank. Guess what! It isn’t moving with a tide or a current. It is thick sludge and don’t forget, it doesn’t smell like roses!

So you start by using your arms and rowing. You don’t get far. You might have to get out of that boat or you might just die from asphyxiation. Who knows? Glad it’s just an expression!

I saw something about Texas getting rain yesterday. Major flooding.

People were in distress because they could not swim. Now, I know that we should not try to swim in flood water because of fast moving currents and debris floating in it, but if you are in field and it rains so much that the water literally pulls you off your feet, I surely hope you know how to swim.

One of the goals of the neighborhood teenagers this summer is to teach a friend how to swim. We live surrounded by water. It is silly not to know how to swim and his friends want him to learn. I think everyone should learn.

Chances are you will not be in an area that floods that quickly, and I don’t know if knowing how to swim would save those who died. But not knowing how to swim would make the flood more like Shit Creek.

So my challenge is to learn how to swim, assuming you don’t know, and to enroll your children in lessons. Even if all you learn how to do is tread water so you have a chance to survive until someone comes to your rescue, it is valuable.

Every summer we hear of people dying in pools, ponds, etc. Learning how to swim really can save lives. It’s important!

Please get a little wet.

Just don’t go near Shit Creek!


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3 comments on “Because Sometimes it Rains (warning, I curse in this)
  1. Anxious Mom says:

    That’s cool they are teaching their friend to swim. This reminds me that I need to sign up my oldest for lessons for the summer.

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