Today I have the joy of sitting in a hospital surgical waiting area. It is a great time to reflect.

The hospital is set up in a way that could not have been imagined decades ago.

There are outlets near every group of seats. There are tables, also with outlets available. It is a perfect place to set up a computer, books, cell phone, etc.

There is free WI-FI.

There is coffee and tea available for the taking along with crackers. Vending machines offer soda and snacks for purchase.

A nice lady just stopped by to check on me and tell me she is here to help but I need to tell her if I leave.

The bathrooms are right outside the waiting area.

There is a television above me. It is playing a stupid show I don’t like, I know the theme song, but can’t remember the show’s name. I don’t like the show, but it is making me laugh. Stranger things have happened.

I am sitting here waiting, I have been here before. I will probably be here again in the future. It is a great time to reflect on all the wonderful advances that have been made in medicine.

Sinus problems? No big deal, they can fix that.

Joint problems? No big deal, they replace knees, hips, discs, etc.

Tumors? No problem, they can remove them.

A century ago waiting in a hospital would be a very different experience.

What are you doing today that you would not have been able to do a century, or even a decade ago?

Today’s challenge: Appreciate all the benefits that modern medicine and technology have afforded you.


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6 comments on “Reflections
  1. Wow.
    Well I must say, right now I feel grateful l that I am not in a waiting room. I hope everything goes smoothly while you wait.
    I have no good memories of those waiting rooms. I don’t know that I’ve ever been more vulnerable than waiting for my kids to get out of surgery/ recovery. And now I’m ever so grateful it all worked out.
    Ten years ago I was not online for anything other than email, so I’d say ten years ago, I would never have been communicating globally. Also, ten years ago, I had two babies at home, and wouldn’t have had the time anyway, lol!

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  2. Now if the miracles of medical science would fix menopause I would be so damn happy!!

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