Educate Yourself

I wanted to write a book. I wanted to have a blog. I wanted to really understand how someone’s background influenced what they thought and how they acted.

Sometimes information is easy to find. I might learn by talking to people who have different backgrounds or experiences. I might take a class, or I might find a good book at the library.

Other times it was not so easy. For instance, I was intimidated by the idea of having a blog. I tried to find books and websites helping me start a blog, but it was all very overwhelming. I tried to find a library program, but there were none.

I did not really know much about the Internet and blogs other than watching others spend a lot of time on the computer searching things that didn’t really interest me. I could not understand how so much time was wasted searching the same BORING stuff.

I was often told I should have a blog, yet I had no idea how to go about doing it.

Then I decided to stop complaining that there was no way to learn how to blog and to just do it. Fortunately I had two loved ones who were very wise and directed me towards WordPress. I learned, or at least am sort of kind of learning, how  to blog by jumping in the water.

At first there was a guide, sadly it has disappeared, but truly I say to you that all things happen for a reason. I think this has really happened for a reason. I am now expected to figure it all out on my own, at my own pace, so in the future I might be able to help guide others in finding and expressing their own voice. After all, my header does say Inspired to Write, Writing to Inspire.

I think that people should explore areas that interest them. If it isn’t easy to find the answers, keep looking. I am a great believer in the premise that if you ask the Universe for help, help will come.

Since I have started this blog I have learned so much. I follow blogs written by people doing wonderful things, and some who are struggling. I often think that this world is immense and diverse and totally awesome. I have seen photographers work showcasing places I don’t even have the wildest dreams of seeing, and yet I truly feel connected simply because they are such talented photographers.

I have read about the births of wonderful people who not only take away the sleep of their parents, but the breath of the reader. People are so amazing, even when we know we will never actually shake the hand of the person, we know we at least have a slight idea of what their soul is.

When reading about some blog, told the person sitting with me, “I get it now, There are so many interesting things on this thing, but of course what I find interesting would bore you, or make you shake your head and call me insane.” He agreed, we don’t have the same interests, but we both now appreciate the internet.

And isn’t that the point, isn’t that wonderful? We all have different ideas of what matters and what we want to learn. We all have different beliefs. We don’t always understand what the other is thinking or why they believe what they believe?

Today’s challenge, educate yourself. You can take classes, search the internet, talk to people. The challenge is to look at things from different angles and figure out what holds true the most for you. And when you are unsure if something is worth trying, just jump in. The water may be cold, but the longer you’re in, the warmer it feels.

Blogging is just starting to feel less frigid, but I am glad I started.


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  1. I’m glad you started too!

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