Into the Fire

into the fire

Oh, you silly little flamingo.

Yesterday the lawn mower did its job. Apparently one of my flamboyance (flock of flamingos) was afraid of the big bad lawn mower.

Was my usually sweet little flamingo afraid of the noise and desperate to get away? Or was she so observant that she noticed the grass under the noisy monster was cut to shreds by the blades as it roared ferociously?

Either way, she was certainly not going to remain on any part of the lawn. She must have flown to the safest place she could find, a place where she felt no lawn mower monster would dare dig in its blades.

Silly, silly flamingo. If you think the lawn mower is scary, wait until you meet the master of the fire pit with a love of flames.

I guess you should beware of the gasoline fumes and fly away as soon as you smell it. Maybe you’ll be safe in the pool.

Today’s Challenge: Don’t be so afraid of something that you don’t look where you’re going.


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2 comments on “Into the Fire
  1. suzicate says:

    Yes, I’ve jumped out of fear (thinking it was a snake) and jabbed my leg into a stick!

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