May I Say You Have Style

It is so easy to go through the day simply doing what you do without really noticing others. Sure, we may smile and say hello and please and thank you and all those great things we have been focusing our attention on this month. But do we really notice the people around us?

Today’s challenge is to compliment at least five people. You may choose to compliment people you know, or complete strangers.

It isn’t as difficult as you might think.

You might compliment : someone’s hair style, color, or cut

a particular article of clothing

the way someone completed a task

an idea or work of art

a child on his school work, cleaning, attitude etc.

Be aware, they might not work in every situation, for example, if I say, Wow I love your hair, and it is wind blown and a mess, it would not be a wise complement.

Complimenting people does more than just make the people around you feel better about themselves and more noticed, it changes you as a person. It trains you to look for the good in people rather than focusing on what you don’t appreciate. The more you notice that is wonderful in the people and the world around you, the less stress you will be feeling. You will be happier and more energetic and more willing to be around others.

You will begin to notice a change in others as you start a chain of compliments and awareness. This truly will bring peace.

So today’s challenge: Compliment others, be they friend or stranger, in meaningful ways.


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2 comments on “May I Say You Have Style
  1. I’m reading this a little late in the day – and because of that I’m already 3 compliments in! Only two to go!

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