Saturday Stream of Consciousness: Name

It’s Saturday which means it is Stream of Consciousness day through

The Friday Reminder and Prompt for SoCS May 9/15

I am taking the challenge. I like a good challenge. I especially like stream of consciousness because while spelling is always important all other rules of grammar are ignored. That is awesome because I have trouble using commas correctly. I know this and I can guess that any editors reading my posts see the commas I use incorrectly and feel they are sticking up their proverbial fingers or out their tongues in a manner as if to say haha I don’t belong here but here I am. I know editors are also probably saying hey – wayward comma – where are you? You are not in your proper position.

My commas are tired. It is Saturday and I am letting them sleep in today. They are peacefully spooning in bed letting little sighs and pauses out rhythmically. Oh you peaceful little commas rest in peace.

Today’s one word prompt is Name.

In the words of my favorite 14 year old – that’s dope. I’m chill with that. I am tired of those terms but it is socs so all rules are asleep with the commas and therefore I will use terms I don’t normally like to use. You know what that is? Dope!

Name. A name is important. It is especially relevant to me because I made up my pen name in the interest of making a name for myself. I chose the name Manee Trautz and the blog – the creation of manee trautz because I am trying to make a name for myself.

A friend asked my why I chose my nom de plume. I am pretty certain that is French for pen name. I don’t know much French but it looks right. Anyway Manee is an Americanized version of a French name so I like to use the French term. Manee is an alteration of either Manet or Monet and I don’t know which and it doesn’t really matter which because although I have taken on this name I have definitely not become a famous artist simply by using the name. It really is a shame now that I think about it because if taking on a name could make me an expert at something I would probably be changing my name daily – maybe even hourly as the need arrived.

Anyway I like the name Manee. For me it is like and airy and full of beauty and maybe even treats like croissants and eclairs. I think this is the part of me that flies free and dances in the breeze. It is the part of me that is creative though not as talented as the above mentioned artists. It is the spiritual part of me that receives messages and says words of kindness and sends love out into the world. This is the part of me that has lacy wings and flutters along in my own merry twittery way.

Trautz is a German name. To me it is a strong and heavy name. It is the part of me that is firmly grounded in the earth. It is the part of me that pays the bills and makes the meals. It is the practical and clear thinking practical side of me. Trautz often has the simple job = simple but not effortless = of reaching up to grab hold of Manee’s wing just to keep me from disappearing into the atmosphere and bumping my head on some satellite and knocking myself unconscious.

I have heard more than one person tell me I need to focus on being centered and staying the course or something like that. This is soc so I don’t have to remember the exact words. Anyway the gist is I have a tendency to be either manic or depressed and I have to work at living in between these emotions. Manee is manic and that is not bad. Trautz is the depressed but not in a bad way either. I like to think they are the best of both worlds and I am melding them together in my nom de plume. Fancy term – I like it!

So my name is Manee Trautz. I am a terrific person and a terrific writer even though I have not been able to discipline my minions the commas. I love my name and I hope it becomes a well known name. I hope you all spread my name far and wide and then I will be able to inspire millions of people. As far as I know I am the only person alive with my name. It is very exciting. Manee’s wings are fluttering with a buzz in her excitement. Trautz is just happy I am writing. Stay the course he says.

Well this has been great fun but I think I must go wake the commas. It is getting late. I wonder……. would they prefer tea or coffee?


I am a dreamer who loves to explore the world through words. I hope to inspire others to live in peace and be their best selves. I also have an affinity for flamingos, gnomes, and all things magical. They live happily in my gardens.

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One comment on “Saturday Stream of Consciousness: Name
  1. LindaGHill says:

    Great post! What an interesting way to choose a pen name for yourself. The best of both worlds. Thanks for sharing your fascinating story as part of SoCS, Manee! 😀

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