Be a Dog!

Be a dog. Be a nice big sopping wet dog.

Picture a dog who has just had a bath or has gone for a swim. What do dogs do as soon as they are out of the water?

They shake. They shake every part of their body. Why? To get rid of the excess water of course. The water drags them down, it is uncomfortable, they do not want to be sopping wet. They shake the water out of their fur.

We need to think of ourselves as dogs and all the negative energy that is being sent our way is the water. We need to do a full body shake. You don’t really have to shake, but it could be quite fun. Any time you are drenched and sopping wet with negative energy, shake it out of your fur and don’t allow it to penetrate your skin or your soul.

I once had a dog who loved to swim in the river. She would come out and roll in the dead fish on the shore. She thought it was the most wonderful perfume. We thought it was horrible; the odor she enjoyed was stomach turning for us.

As I remember her doing this, I think she was not just making herself feel better, she was protecting herself. Maybe the fleas and other enemies stayed away from such a stink. I have heard eating a lot of garlic keeps the mosquitoes away. Maybe dead fish also keeps them away. I prefer garlic!

Now, after you shake out all the negativity, cover yourself with your own perfume. You don’t have to actually use perfume. Many people have sensitivities to scents. Just cover yourself with a shield of love and strength.

Today’s Challenge: Do not let yourself be drenched in negativity. Be a Dog!


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