Hug Your Enemy….

Figuratively, NOT literally.

Could you imagine a world where people actually went up to an enemy and hugged them? What would happen? Last night, as I thought about this post, I tried to picture someone hugging an enemy in the middle of a war zone. I wish I was an artist able to draw people hugging. I would draw an enemy eagerly accepting the offer of a hug. Then s/he would stab the other in the back. Easy kill, no wasted ammunition.

So, I don’t mean you should literally hug someone with whom you don’t have a strong relationship.

Now, let’s talk about exactly what the term enemy means. It is important to clarify.

I was once with a loved one who was dying. He was not really present in the moment, so I was just sitting there feeling a little at a loss for words.

Because he had found great comfort in the Bible during his life, and he had one on his nightstand, I started reading from the Bible for him. I did not know exactly what I should read, it wasn’t as if there was a huge highlighted section saying, “This is what you read to a dying person.” So I found psalms, after all that is just like reading poetry, right?

I found a central theme to the sections I read – God, deliver me from my enemies. I remember laughing and telling my loved one, you don’t have any enemies. Then I shrugged, at least he would know I was there if I continued reading, so I did.

Since that time, I have been better able to understand what is meant by enemies, at least for me. An enemy is someone who is causing stress in your life. It could be someone with an actual gun; but more often it is someone with whom you have had a disagreement. Usually this person tries to cause trouble for you professionally or socially. I’m sure you can probably name someone who fits this category.

If you can’t, YAY, YOU!

Now, another thought occurred to me as I pondered this post. I remembered a young boy, in my care. He was very energetic and very friendly. He would run around, playing with a huge smile on his face, laughing and talking about anything and everything. Every day he did this for a while, and then suddenly he would either be angry or start crying. At that time I always picked him up and just held him until he would inevitably go limp in my arms. He didn’t need words of advice or admonition. All he needed was to feel loved and to have a moment of peace before his happy disposition was restored.

That is what I am challenging you to do today. Hug Your Enemy

Picture that person wrapped in a comforting hug, by someone able to hug the world. (God, spirit, Mother Earth, what have you….) Imagine your enemy embraced in peaceful love, may they have their heart filled with love, strength and joy.

It may seem strange, but it has potential for bringing peace into your world. Even if all it does is change the way you view the other person, it is alleviating the stress in your world. That would be peaceful.

So, please don’t stress over your enemies, simpy send them a “spiritual” hug.

Thank you.


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