And On The Seventh Day…


No, this is not a Bible based blog, far from it. Still, for the last few days that phrase has been continuously playing through my thoughts. Therefore, it only seemed appropriate for the seventh day of May.


We have been busy this last week. We have focused on many things,

Saying Hello

Using Names


Saying Please and Thank You

Not Worrying

and possibly the most difficult,

Defining Peace

So today, your only task, besides trying to continue with the previous tasks, is to rest.

I am not talking about resting for the entire day either. Of course, if you  have an entire day available for rest because you are on vacation, go ahead and enjoy. I wish I could join you, especially if you  are on a cruise, or in Walt Disney World!

I am suggesting you take thirty minutes to relax and do something that requires no thought or physical exertion. It doesn’t matter what you do during this time, as long as you are resting both body and mind.

I am also not referring to sleep, although a nap is always welcome, I think it is beneficial to just rest while still being alert and aware of your surroundings. I have a friend who spent time resting last night as she watched a Washington Capitals game. She expressed a feeling of guilt that there was so much to do and yet she sat watching the game. Some might think she could have cleaned her house while watching, but I disagree. There is plenty of time to clean. There is plenty of time to do everything that needs to be done.

Resting is absolutely crucial to restore your sense of well being. While resting, the work is not getting more difficult, it is simply sitting patiently waiting for you to be well rested so you may complete it in a peaceful manner.

So today’s task for bringing world peace: REST enjoy yourself, if only for thirty minutes.

chair time

Chair Time, anyone? I have an extra chair, feel free to join me.


I love gardening and magical beings. My profile is a garden ready to be created,

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