Peace, Beautiful Peace


Picture a world of peace. Could you define what a world of peace is?

It occurred to me that if we are challenging ourselves, in the month of May, to take small steps towards a world of peace; it is somewhat necessary to know what a world of peace looks and feels like.

Can we picture peace?

It isn’t as if the media bombards us with images of peace every day. We are certainly bombarded with images of distress, atrocities, horror, and pain. None of the news shows spend hours on good deeds and kindness. Unfortunately peace is not sensational enough to boost the ratings.

I was, finally, planting my tomatoes and peppers today. As I tossed the weeds and carefully dug around the beautifully plump worms, I thought about how it would be to live in a world of peace.At that moment I would have been in a garden where I would never have to pull a weed, a garden filled with plump worms, lady bugs and bees. (Yes, I have respect for bees, they pollinate my vegetables, and I am not allergic).

I personally feel most at peace when I am outside, sitting in my “Chair Time” chair, alone in the world. I am very comfortable being alone, though I know I am never truly alone. The bees fly around me, the birds chirp, the bunny comes to visit and the squirrels scurry from tree to tree. I also believe I have spirits of loved ones, known and unknown, surrounding me at all times. Still, for me, it is peaceful to sit quietly while enjoying nature.

For others, I imagine peace may be found in the middle of a soccer stadium among cheering fans. Some even find a busy city street the most enjoyable. So for us to imagine a world of peace, we have to think about how peace would appear.

I think a peaceful world would be filled with people, living exactly the way they desire, along side with everyone else living in their own way. People would interact and learn from each other and respect each other’s choices. Nobody would judge each other. Everyone would be happy with the only challenges being what would make their world more enjoyable.

So today’s challenge is to: DEFINE PEACE

Be careful with what you write. Picturing peace is not about what you don’t want to see, but what you want to see. You might think a world with no war, no hunger, no pain, no homelessness, etc., would be wonderful. Indeed it would. But when you think in this way, you are really focusing on war, hunger, pain and homelessness, etc..

Instead, define peace in only the positive, what is peace?

When you understand exactly what you want, it is easier to obtain.

Please feel free to share your own definitions. I would love to read what you think.

Thank you!


I love gardening and magical beings. My profile is a garden ready to be created,

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2 comments on “Peace, Beautiful Peace
  1. adeptula says:

    Peace, to me, is happiness. It is living in the moment and being free, not worrying and just enjoying life without the negative emotions, but with nature, loved one(s) or yourself, and contentment.

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