Please Say Thank You

I cringe every time I hear someone tell someone to do something. They may think they are asking, but unless they use the word please, it sounds, to me at least, as if they are making a command. As if they are the master and the other person is the slave. It simply is not beneficial to a peaceful world.

Take an example of being in a store and you want to know where the peanut butter is. Here are three ways you could ask.

1. Where is the peanut butter?

2. Do you know where the peanut butter is?

3. Would you please tell me where the peanut butter is?

All are acceptable and reasonable. I am certain all would be met with directions to that jar of creamy goodness.

Yet the simple word of please indicates that you are making a request and appreciate the help. You know the person does not have to answer, though it is expected because it is their job. Still they do not HAVE to answer.

Saying please helps the employee subconsciously more likely to be happy to help. You are a kind person, they want to be kind in return, and they certainly are able to answer, so they do so gladly. Well, at least most of the time.

The same can be used for asking children to wash the dishes, take out the trash, any number of things. If we want our children to grow up to be considerate and kind, we need to show them the same respect we expect to get from them. So please remember to say please to your children.

Now, we can’t just go around asking please do this and please do that without then acknowledging that the person did do something for you. So, every single time someone helps you, please say thank you. It not only acknowledges their help; it helps them feel appreciated.

People who feel appreciated generally go around spreading the joy. The more people are spreading the joy, the more peaceful our world is.

So today’s challenge: Please say thank you; and thank you for saying please.


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2 comments on “Please Say Thank You
  1. I was at a doctor’s office today and the receptionist had a sign that talked about smiling and making everyone’s day happier. I told her about your blog. We smiled.


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