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What’s in a name? Well, obviously the rose would smell the same no matter what it is named, and the mushroom farms would as well. So truthfully a name doesn’t matter.

Yet, try to keep everyone straight without a name and you will quickly realize how important a name is.

A name doesn’t define who a person is, but it does set them apart from the rest of the world. It specifies the person given that name. Therefore a name is important.

When I work with a new group of children, the first thing I try to do is learn each of their names. Why? Because, while I may only see these people once in our lifetimes, I want them to know they matter. They matter so much that I am willing to learn their names even if I will forget it the minute we part ways.

So, today’s challenge is to add a name to your hello whenever possible. If you are in a store or any business, chances are the person who helps you will have a name tag. For this example, let’s say the employee is named Sam.

Say, “hello, Sam.” Or you could say, “Excuse me, Sam. Could you help me?”

When I shop with a friend, he always uses the employee’s names. It is wonderful to see their smiles when they are treated as a person and not just a body. We’ve even had a few ask if they knew us before realizing they have name tags.

So again, say hello and use a name.


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