Hello May

May your May be filled with peace. May you have love, joy, and success.

I am challenging myself to post something inspirational each day for the month of May. I hope that people will challenge themselves to take little steps toward peace and harmony. If every person takes one small step the world will be such a wonderful place to live.

I live in Maryland. I love visiting the Inner Harbor. When I studied in Baltimore, many years ago, there were signs all over campus that said, “Free South Africa. We Shall Overcome. How Much More Blood for Justice?” I remember the words exactly because I made up a tune and sang it out every time I passed one of the signs.

I can’t stop thinking that there are so many problems beyond what is written on the signs in the hands of the protesters in Baltimore. There is something wrong when people feel they are not heard or valued. That devastating feeling is known across all generations, races, religions, and communities. It does not matter how much money a person makes, all people may feel hopeless.

I have been watching the budget hearings in my community and really thinking about both sides of every issue. I have respect for each person willing to stand in front of the Council and plead for what they want. I have respect for each of the Council Members who have to make those decisions.  I don’t have solutions.

Still, I think there is something much more important than where the money goes. I think we need to make a concerted effort to make this world a better place. People are frustrated with their situation and they don’t see any way to change it. So for this beautiful month of May, may we take small steps.

Today, I challenge you simply to say, “Hi,” or “Hello” to people you see on the street, in the stores, in the hallway at work. That little gesture helps people know they are not alone. It will remind people that we are part of a community, all living and working together. We all have value.

You never know, you might make a new friend by simply saying, “Hello.”

So, my dear reader, Hello.

Please feel free to share this challenge.


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3 comments on “Hello May
  1. Fairy Queen says:

    Hello sweet Marie 🌼💚🌼

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  2. amcmulin914 says:

    Hello, wonderful blog and idea! Taking time to think like this is meditation and so good for yourself and those around. Humanize and empathize others. Good luck with your May challenge!

    Liked by 1 person

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