Introduction to Rascal: The Gateway to Nowhere

These are Rascal’s wings. They are fierce and strong. He also has a stinger that he is able to produce without any thought, but only when needed for battle. Usually he does not need his sword. It stays safely hidden, though I don’t know where he hides it.
Wings (2)

As you may have guessed, Rascal is a Protector Fairy. He was not always a Protector Fairy. That title and responsibility was bestowed upon him by a human who, needed a protector, and considered Rascal worthy of the honor.

Rascal protects Ella, a human child. He began his post as Protector Fairy for Ella on the “Night of the Horrible Dream”. I will not go into any details about the “Night of the Horrible Dream”, nor will I tell any more about Ella at this time.

Ella is a human and she has quite a tale of her own. Her tale is being written into a book. To tell the truth, it will take several books to tell her tale. You won’t find any of that here; you will be able to find that when the book is published. I promise to let you know when that happens.

Now, as I said, Rascal is a Protector Fairy; but he was not always a Protector Fairy. Once he was just a little fairy with little, fuzzy, blurry wings and he remained unseen by human eye for a very long time.

Rascal wings2 (2)

He preferred, as most fairies do, to remain unseen by humans.

Now Rascal has always been a mischievous fairy. He liked to play tricks on the other fairies and he most especially enjoyed tricking humans. One of his favorite tricks was to take any toys left in the yard and to move them so it would be difficult for boys and girls to find their beloved belongings.

Because Rascal was a small fairy, he could not fly while moving large objects. He had a wagon which he used for transportation. It was green, the exact color of the grass, and no human ever saw the wagon. They would often see movement in the grass, especially the very young humans, but they always assumed it was the wind or maybe an insect moving the grass. They never saw the wagon.

Rascal’s favorite object to move was a teddy bear. It was a soft teddy bear with ears worn from the toddler girl who could only pacify herself with her teddy bear. She seemed to drop the teddy bear often, and Rascal would laugh himself silly watching the mother search for that bear every evening.

One day Rascal made an amazing discovery. It was a large plastic object that seemed to be a door. It was laying on its side on the rock wall.old toy (2)

Rascal imagined that door would lead to great places and he wanted desperately to explore. He hovered above the door and looked down hoping to see something move within the opening, but alas, all he could see was the stone of the wall.

“There has to be something beyond that door,” Rascal told himself as he circled the toy. “There might even be another world beyond that door. I simply must try to go through the door.”

Rascal dove straight to the center of the opening and crash landed on the hard, rough stone. The fairies all laughed at his folly before going to his side to be sure he was not seriously hurt.

Fortunately the only thing that was hurt was Rascal’s pride.

Now having wounded pride was probably worse than a bent wing for all the other beings around Rascal. For, in order to prove himself, Rascal set about to do something very dangerous indeed. Struggling under the weight of the door, Rascal heaved it into his wagon. Then after flying on a quick surveillance mission, he spied just the right location for the door.

He enlisted the help of other fairies to lift the wagon onto the next level of the rock wall. The fairies were willing to help because they loved to see Rascal working diligently on anything that would take his time and energy. In that way he would not have time to play tricks on them.

Rascal dumped the doorway out of the wagon and carefully moved it into place, right next to the large rock which he often pretended was a mountain that he would climb.


Rascal moved the dirt around the doorway and announced loudly so everyone could hear, “I have made the World’s Greatest Gateway!”

He expected cheers, but he only heard an old fairy laugh, “Yeah, the Gateway to Nowhere!” All the fairies giggled their soft wings fluttering.

Now, placing the doorway where he did might not have been so bad. It might have simply made it difficult for the owner of the toy to find.

It might have served only as a community private joke. Other fairies might laugh while pointing out the doorway.

“There’s that Gateway to Nowhere that Rascal so loves,” or “Wonder where Rascal will go today!”

It did not turn out to be a matter of good humor. It became an area avoided at all costs by the other fairies. It all started when Rascal walked through the opening and simply disappeared.

To be continued…..

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3 comments on “Introduction to Rascal: The Gateway to Nowhere
  1. You’re post reminded me so much of my kitty Rascal. He thinks he’s the protector in our little family. He patrols the back yard and would fight to the death if any person or animal hurt me or my other two cats. Great story so far.


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