A Gateway to the Unknown

old toy (2)

It was just a useless old toy. It’s a mystery as to which play-set it had ever belonged. All the other parts of that play-set have been lost or tossed over the many, though seemingly few, years it takes for little boys to grow into men with no need for their childhood toys.

Such a sad finding really. A reminder of what was once, and what has been torn apart. Oh, well the recycling bin is welcoming. So many other things for this old toy to keep company. Yes, the recycling bin would be the proper choice.

That would be true, yet  I am a hoarder of memories and things, unable to let go of what is truly just an old toy.

But wait, it is a gateway, an opening into the great unknown.

I saw a purpose. I, being a lover of all things mystical, decided this old toy would serve a purpose, so I planted it in my garden.


It is next to a large rock where I can imagine troops hiding, protecting their land. It is next to a lip of a shattered strawberry pot. The strawberry pot that some human child once thought enjoyable to shatter.  gate2gate gate3

I can’t help but wonder what creatures will use this gateway. Will they be leaving this world to go to another dimension; or will something come into my garden from another world?

Oh, the possibilities are endless. My imagination flourishes. I am certain those stories will follow.


I love gardening and magical beings. My profile is a garden ready to be created,

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