Creating My Logo, Creating Myself

blank canvas

A Blank Canvas

Okay, I know it does not appear to be white. Trust me, it is a plain white canvas, straight from the market place unaltered in any way from the way it was when it left the factory. It was just one of thousands, all alike.

It is symbolic of my start as an entity. I was plain, just a blank idea, exactly like every other blank idea. An idea to become a writer and inspiration to others.

add color

Color Added

Blue is such a soothing color.

It is the color of  a cloudless sky. There is nothing blocking me from where I want to be. Clouds may be welcomed when the summer sun is overwhelming, especially if they are accompanied by a slight, refreshing breeze. Clouds carry rain so necessary to the nourishing of vegetation. Clouds are wonderful, but they are not on my canvas because I don’t want anything blocking my beautiful sky.

Blue is also the color of the endless ocean. The possibilities in life are endless. What might start as just an idea for creating a blog may lead into world-wide success, opportunities that are not even imaginable at this moment.

leaves for structure

Leaves Provide Structure

more demension

Dimension Added With Whimsical Veins

I love the color green. It is the color of leaves, obviously, and leaves seem to provide a backdrop for the flowers in gardens and trees. They allow other parts of the plant to stand out and be bolder, more beautiful.

This blog is the structure of my writing. It allows me to explore my style and to be bolder, hopefully better.

I hope this blog, specifically my writing, artwork, and interaction with others, will provide the structure for others to shine in their own light.

add flower

A Flower Blooms

Because green ferns, grasses, and other non-flowering plants in a garden are beautiful on their own, a little color is exciting.

Yellow is the color of the sun. It is bright and warms the soul.

I consider myself a bright entity. I shine with enthusiasm. I want to bring a little light and warmth into the souls of others.

second layer


Really, have you ever seen a flower with just one color? Every single flower I have ever seen has different hues, different layers of color.

So it is with people. We all have our many personalities, our many shades of each color.

I needed to add a softer, warmer color because too much cheerfulness can be overwhelming.

This is the part of my logo, gravitar, that represents me


A Complete Flower. A Work of Beauty.



Now, for the part that is beyond me.

angel wings

Angel Wings


I added Angel Wings because I believe there has always been at least one angel around me. The wings are behind the flower supporting, embracing, uplifting.

I have always believed in angels, I will post more on that in the future.

Finally, for a little whimsy and imagination I added Fairy Wings.

fairy wings7

A Fierce Protector

fairy wings6

fairy wings4

A Shy Muse

fairy wings4

fairy wings3

A Bit Flirtatious


The Final Product: Manee Trautz

Am I really surrounded by fairies? Well, I don’t truly know, but I am inspired by the idea of mystical beings.

I often write about fairies as well as other mystical creatures. It only fits that they be a part of my image.

Therefore, they absolutely must be in my logo.

This is me, this is my symbol.

I am a dreamer who loves to explore the world through words. I hope to inspire others to live in peace and be their best selves. I also have an affinity for flamingos, gnomes, and all things magical. They live happily in my gardens.

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